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Client Feedback

Bob first facilitated sessions for my business unit in the mid ’90s. When a more recent need arose for a strategic thinker that also had extraordinary facilitation skills, Bob was the obvious choice.

Bob through his unique style helped our board of trustees and senior management explore a new direction. He helped us frame the key issues, explore strategic options, and to prioritize and flush out the most critical steps in an implementation plan.

The results: Bob exceeded our expectations! The experience and diverse views of our trustees were “extracted” and all considered; and his thoughtful process ensured a unity of purpose amongst all of us, with our deliberations documented during the session. One year later the organization has repositioned itself, achieved extraordinary savings and is well on its way to solidifying its new role.

Bob took the time to understand our needs and expectations and nailed it!

– Ed Robinson, Board Chair – Healthcare Benefit Management (CICA)

Working in a specialized technical area, I had found it difficult to apply textbook leadership principles. Bob was very effective at understanding my niche and asking questions that allowed me to develop my senior leadership potential. My career and job satisfaction have progressed significantly.

– Allen Tait, Director – Forensic Audit Team
Ontario Internal Audit Division, Ministry of Finance (CICA)

Our organization has a long-standing history of working with Mr. Bob McCulloch.

Most recently Bob served as a facilitator guiding our Senior Management Team through a comprehensive Strategic Planning process for our parent company.

I can say with great confidence that Bob’s involvement was instrumental not just in guiding our process, but in eliciting creative concepts and ideas from our team that would not otherwise have surfaced. His engaging style, his respect for all participants, and his focus on getting ideas quickly down in writing were all key to the creation of a plan that we believe is aspirational in its scope and direction, yet pragmatic enough to drive quick results. Bob’s exceptional writing and presentations skills also proved vital to helping us create a final document and presentation that was very favourably received by our Board and our broader team.

I have no hesitation in unconditionally recommending Bob to other organizations facing the similar challenge of developing a Strategic Plan.

– Kevin Beingessner, President & CEO – Coril Holdings Ltd.

Bob stands out as being very results oriented in the sessions he delivers. A great facilitator, he is always well prepared and informed about his client. Bob is able to think on his feet and adapt to devise a clear implementable roadmap to reach objectives.

– Gigi Dawe, Principal – Risk Oversight and Governance & National Practice Leader ­– Governance, Strategy and Risk, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA)

As we developed our strategy and the critical issues that needed to be addressed to execute the strategy, your coaching on how to engage in more creative and collaborative dialogue helped us to get issues on the table, appreciate each issue better, and explore and build on new ideas. This alone was of great value in bringing our new team together.

– Ken Richards, Assistant Vice-President, Business Development, Canada Life

It was an excellent [strategic planning] session in that it comprised a small working group, participants across the Ministry, and a facilitator who knew how to guide the group and provide excellent teaching points. In fact, this was one of the most interesting and uplifting sessions I have experienced in some time.

– Valerie Morris, Info Management and Privacy Specialist, Freedom of Information and Privacy Office

In his role as facilitator of an extensive engagement to revamp our educational programs,  Bob has been energetic, enthusiastic, focused, disciplined and a great project coordinator.  He is a tremendous asset and the ongoing success of our project on behalf of our constituents and stakeholders is in no small measure attributable to Bob’s excellent facilitation.  Bob’s sense of humour also contributes to the great attitude exemplified by our project team throughout this exercise.

– Ian M Sherman, Partner, Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP

It’s not too often you remember a good facilitator (only the ones that don’t work out so well). The [Board] meeting was efficient, reached decisions in a timely fashion, and we kept the stress levels down while making some pretty key decisions.

– Rick Whittaker, Vice President, SDTC

I thought you did a fantastic job [at our Strategic Planning retreat] keeping us focused and moving towards achieving the objectives we’d had discussed prior to the session. I must admit there were a few times that I had my doubts as to whether we would achieve the desired outcome – but in the end we certainly did and I was very pleased with the result. You managed the two days exceptionally well.

– Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Ontario

I’ve known Bob for 30 years. Bob has an incredible background in defining and implementing corporate strategy. Bob brings excitement and insight to the strategic planning process. Bob is an excellent speaker and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. He helped me grow a small department to a company division supporting 40 subsidiaries across North America.

– Bruce Williams, CGI

My congratulations – your [Fast Frames are] well presented, succinct and essential viewing for all implementers of change. As we promote younger people into management who have shown potential, it is these types of tools that they need to complement their advanced academics and lack of life experience!

– Brendan Cunneen

Bob has a way of centering me and my creative struggles. I always walk away feeling completely inspired, grounded and with a greater sense of purpose. My struggle seems to diminish over the course of our conversation and I suddenly have an entire universe of possibilities at my fingertips because of the questions he has asked me, the images he has presented to me, the confidence he has in me. It’s as though another part of my brain opened up and saw something completely new and exciting that it had never seen before. He can easily step into any career path (mine being acting/voice acting/teaching) and re-connect me to my creative source, my creative well and most importantly to my purpose. Thanks Bob for everything you do.

– Sunday Muse, GreatBigVoices

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